Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lutan Fyah - Mixtape

Check out the Lutan Fyah Mixtape. Download from the Link below.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Presents: Portmore's Finalists

Talent is in every nook and cranny in Jamaica and with the right opportunity will emerge to the fore. Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall provides this opportunity.


Hailing from the Gimme-me-bit community of Clarendon, this sing-jay sees himself as a artiste with the determination to win the second season of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. For the 23 year old, the reason for entering the competition goes far beyond the money. "I want to talk to the youth, I want to tell them that the way they are behaving is not the right way…at times you see some youth doing something wrong and you have to think twice," commented the sing-jay. RC feels confident that he will have the chance to talk to the youth on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.


Nazine entered the All Together Sing school choir competition on TVJ in 2007 to satisfy the growing passion for music that developed within him from grade 8 at Bog Walk High School. He was however not satisfied and with the encouragement of teachers and peers he decided to enter this year's competition. His peers said his voice had a melody that was suitable for a music career. While it is different being a sing-jay versus a choir member Nazine believes that every experience for an artiste is a new opportunity to grow. "The experience is different, I savour every moment of it and recognize the great opportunity I have" Says the confident sing-jay.

Jody Miller

Question was a Beyonce R&B hit song but Jody Miller penned her own version to ask young persons 'living on the edge' how they want to be remembered and what they want for themselves. The sing-jay belts out lines like, "do you wanna be a shaded memory…do you want to be read in a newspaper." The Hellshire Park resident reveals, "I sing about reality and that is the reality around me". She continues: "I don't see myself writing explicit songs but more of uplifting songs". Jody Miller, who played the violin while in high school, says she feels a connection with Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall because it allows her to express herself and reveal her talent.

Latty Fabulous

Persistence is essential according to Latty. She believes that artistes need to constantly be working on their talent, especially if they want to succeed. It wasn't strange then that after she missed out on being selected as on of the top candidates from the May Pen audition that Latty Fabulous again auditioned in Portmore; moving one step closer to success. Writing her own songs, Latty Fabulous prides herself on being a song writing machine and one out to create a big effect on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. Her friends are also confident that if she does not emerge victor someone must see her and want to work.

An Even Bigger, Better Bacchanal 2009

For the sixth consecutive year Digicel is once again the headline sponsor for Jamaica's premier carnival experience. Over the years Digicel has been a big supporter of Jamaica's entertainment and cultural scene and sees their sponsorship of Bacchanal 2009 as the continuation of their commitment to quality entertainment.

"Digicel has been heavily involved in several forms of sponsorships in Jamaica over the years; from sports to education and entertainment. We are very happy to be headline sponsors for one of Jamaica's most anticipated calendar events". - Jacqueline Burrell, Corporate Affairs Manager at Digicel Jamaica.

Digicel Bacchanal 2009 has gotten off to a magnificent start with Digicel going all out to present a high class party in a safe atmosphere. Since the start of Digicel Bacchanal 2009 there have been bumper crowds at the New Kingston Mas Camp with the Digicel Moulin Rouge Booth being the Centre of attraction. The Moulin Rouge Concept ties in perfectly with the Digicel Bacchanal 2009 theme: Bacchanal Gone Hollywood"

With numerous attractions at Bacchanal 2009 Digicel continues to up the ante, every week featuring bigger and better prizes for patrons. Last week in true Moulin Rouge style Digicel brought out caricaturists and many patrons had their portraits done. As if this was not enough in the Digicel Moulin Rouge Booth by just saying the Digicel tag line patrons got a chance to win numerous prizes on the Digicel Wheel.

"Digicel will be offering exciting opportunities for patrons to win prizes every Friday night while jumping to a bigger and better beat. But you have to be at Mas Camp to win, so we are inviting supporters of the Digicel Bacchanal 2009 to come out and jump with us". - Jacqueline Burrell, Corporate Affairs Manager at Digicel Jamaica

These highlights are just the beginning of the plans for Digicel Bacchanal 2009, as this carnival season Digicel will also be bringing some of the top soca artiste in the world to Jamaica. Fans can expect soca favourites such as Allison Hines, Destra Garcia and Machel Montana at the Mas camp.

Coupled with high quality entertainment and a secure environment the scene is set for what is to be one of the best carnival seasons Jamaica has ever seen. With over nine weeks of carnival, patrons can expect bigger and better prizes, spectacular themes and blockbuster performances. Digicel Bacchanal 2009 is the place to be.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Crowns Mobay finalists

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall seeks to buss new talent and present them to the masses on the big stage. In this light Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall presents the finalists from Montego Bay.

Montego Bay Prince: Medal Tally
20-year-old Medal Tally started singing back at William Knibb High School in Trelawny as well as at home with his family. "I remember at times when my mother would give me things to do and I never did it she would say: I bet if it was a song you would have known or done it long time'," recounts Medal Tally.

Even though the competition is only warming up Medal Tally believes that he has learnt some lessons. "I've learnt that I need to be confident and optimistic," he said in reference to his stage performance. He added, "I learnt also that it is good to have a lot of fans and to promote yourself so that you can get a lot of votes"

Montego Bay Princess: Sasha-Lee
Describing herself as a musical person, 26 year-old Sasha-Lee reveals, "I have been singing for a long time now but I started Dee-Jaying back in 2003." Asked about the change Sasha-Lee noted: "really at that point I took myself serious for what I had…a talent and a gift". She explains that she was considering writing and selling her songs, "but after I showed some of my friends and family members they said that I would be better at delivering them because I knew what they meant". Noted Sasha-Lee.

It was her original song Walk Out that claimed for her the position of one of the princesses from the Montego Bay. Sasha-Lee affirms: "Despite the cliché that '2009 is my time to shine', so much has been happening for me and I know it's definitely my time to shine I'm going to be winning Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall".

Montego Bay Princess: T-Gee
Since entering Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall things have not been the same for T-Gee. The Gangster Love singer boasts having fans as young as 7. She claims: "Sometimes walking in Montego Bay I hear people shouting "Miss Magnum", "Before advancing in the competition I was signing autographs and I am signing more since advancing.

The contestant who just celebrated her 23rd birthday is already preparing for the next round T-Gee says: "Even though I'm not in this week's elimination I'm nervous, nervous even though I'm not gonna be singing before an audience until two or three weeks nut I preparing myself to bring it."


Friday, February 6, 2009

Mavado - So Special

Take a look at the Directors Cut for Mavado's Song - So Special

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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Danger Zone's bad gyal, Ce'Cile has teamed up with renowned producer Scott Storch in collaboration with Beenie Man on the track titled So Fly. The track comes out of the continued relationship with Danger Zone and SoBe Entertainment. Storch, known for his wicked instrumentals and credited with hits such as Lean Back by Fat Joe, Candy Shop and Just a Lil' Bit by 50 Cent as well as Baby Boy by Beyonce and Sean Paul, has also produced for a variety of artists including Dr. Dre, Fat Joe, Nelly, Jadakiss, Christina Aguilera, Nas, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, Brooke Hogan, The Game, Chamillionaire, Chris Brown and many more.

"I have known Scott Storch for a while, he is really cool. I did the So Fly song to a hip hop beat at SoBe while he was producing Brook Hogan; Beenie heard the song and loved it and we decided to collaborate on it after which Scott decided it would be more authentic on a dancehall beat which made it even cooler. I think the song will be accepted by regular Ce'Cile fans and will help me to continue making an impact on the international market" – Danger Zone/SoBe Entertainment recording artiste Ce'Cile.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Lauren Drummond, President of LMJ Productions, LLC and Executive Producer of Upstate Reggae on the River Eco Music Festival announced today that noted Caribbean producer, Victor E Lewis, Managing Director of VicRae Inc., will lead the production team of the first annual Upstate Reggae on the River Eco Music Festival at Croton Point Park, Croton-on-Hudson, New York scheduled for August 23, 2008 from 10 AM – 8 PM.

Mr. Lewis is credited with having generated more than $3 million in annual revenues based on performance fees for emerging artists under his representation. A visionary and is instrumental organizer of international entertainment events and has an excellent track record. As a producer, Mr. Lewis has managed successful public events in London , Iceland and various parts of the US . He has produced events for the U.S. Committee for Refugees, notably worked effectively with the NYPD/NYFD’s 911 Emergency Fund and Upliftment Jamaica just to name a couple of his successes.

Upstate Reggae on the River Eco Music Festival is an all-day family event that features the "Messenger" roots Reggae icon Luciano with Jah Messenjah band, featuring special guest Mikey General, as well as new sensations Rootz Underground, actor/musician Leon and the People's Band, Latin Rock Band Sequida, and Mystic Dub with more to be announced. A key component of Upstate Reggae on the River Eco Music Festival is a Children’s Pavilion where Lydia Adams Davis and Grammy Award winner, John Guth will perform. Our Art Pavilion will feature various local and international artists. Carlos “GoGo” Gomez presents an African/Cuban drum circle workshop and an environmental work shop for all ages. A multitude of vendors will be on hand with foods from all over the Caribbean and Latin America as well as a variety of arts and crafts.

The first annual Upstate Reggae on the River Eco Music Festival will help increase awareness of environmental concerns and the preservation and sustainability effort in the Hudson Valley New York region. This years theme is “Recycling to Save the Planet.” this one day event represents a tapestry of various genres of music, art, culture woven to support the message that in order to preserve the environment we must come together to create eco-friendly environments. LMJ Productions, LLC will donate part of the proceeds to Upstate Reggae on the River Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation to deserving educational and environmental organizations.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Serani Inks Two-album Deal

One of dancehall's hottest new artistes, Craig 'Serani' Marsh, has signed a two-album deal with Japan label JVC Entertainment. The producer, now turned singer, says, "It's exciting for me because since I took the decision to add singing to my repertoire, the response has been great."
Serani gained public recognition as a singer when collaborated with Bugle and Movado with hit singles Doh and Dying respectively.

After reaping success there, Serani went on to record a number of other hit songs, among them, Stinking Rich, She Loves Me and Study People. According to Serani, "people have taken on to my songs very quickly, which I am very thankful for." Now, as Serani focuses his attention on his new two-album deal in Japan, he will be moving full speed ahead to ensure the success of these albums. He admitted to being, "very driven, when it comes on to music whichever aspect I am devoted to, making dancehall and reggae bigger worldwide."

Jamaica Music Industry ‘4ever’ Indebted

On Sunday, May 4 the Dodd Family invites all to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the life of Clement "Coxon" Dodd, dubbed the "Father of the Jamaican Music Industry." From the four corners of the globe the interest in the preservation, protection and promotion of his life’s work has been of the highest order, knowing the seminal role that it has and will continue to play for generations to come.

Through his lifetime he witnessed the transmission of Jamaican musical culture to the four corners of the globe with little direct benefit to the 'folk' of Jamaica as creators and inspirers. However, the ultimate emergence of the Jamaica Recording and Publishing Company has presented the opportunity to re-invent and preserve the wheel of creative expressions.

As such the Dodd Family is embarking on what is currently known as a 360 Degrees Project of his work that will be built on the storytelling of this legendary tale of creative expression that will be layered into the current music industry mode of digital infrastructure and delivery and expressed through publishing, merchandising, films and events.

Through this historical maze, the unfolding of the music catalog will take place that will re-align its original purpose and intellectual property rights in a manner befitting the role that this body of work has played and continues to play for the Jamaican people and culture. This will be done in partnership with various local and international firms with the one caveat being that the expression and the will of the Jamaican people, that this is their ‘Island In The Sun’ will be upheld.

Its unfolding in 2009 will kick off the proposed national celebration of 50 Years of Reggae Music, with a January 26, 2009, birthday unveiling of the commissioned bust and the launch of the development of the Studio One Museum, itself a multi-layered experience.

Nickeishia Barnes: Perseverance Personified

Nickeishia Barnes learned to turn to music to help her get through life’s difficult times at an early age and it has proved to be her strength. In 1996, she entered the much-famed Tastee Talent Competition solo, and on this first attempt, made it all the way to the quarter-finals. Two years later, she was back again, as a group. The group made it as far as the quarter finals as well and even without the first prize winnings she took away valuable lessons from the competition which has served her well.

Eventually, she evolved from this to a more serious involvement with music her brother Christopher ‘Escobar’ Barnes. After enrolling at the University of West Indies where she became somewhat distracted from the music for a while. Concerned friends encouraged her everyday to return to music, and not sit down on her immense singing talent. The words took time, but eventually bore fruit.

The extremely popular televised 2006 Digicel Rising Stars Competition effectively cemented her reputation as a talented performer, singer and songwriter. Since placing second in the competition in 2006, Nickeishia has recorded a number of songs in her very short yet rapidly climbing career. (including song entitled In Love receiving heavy rotation on the air waves).

She has worked with musical geniuses Sly and Robbie and Horace Murphy, along with the Penthouse family, which has built her skills and stockpiling an armada of hits to release gradually to the public. Nickeisha has set high goals in attaining optimum success in the local and international music industry. In addition to singing and songwriting, she has plans to enter the world of artiste management, concert production and other related field.